break wind

break wind
osurmak, yellenmek

English to Turkish dictionary. 2009.

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  • break wind — ► break wind release gas from the anus. Main Entry: ↑break …   English terms dictionary

  • break-wind — breakˈ wind noun A windbreak • • • Main Entry: ↑break …   Useful english dictionary

  • break wind —   Hi u, ho āni, makani, palalē;    ♦ break wind audibly, pūhi u;    ♦ break wind silently, hio, ōhio, pūhihio;    ♦ break wind sputteringly, pī;    ♦ break wind foully, enakōī;    ♦ break wind slightly, uene.    ♦ Urge or need to break wind, pu u …   English-Hawaiian dictionary

  • break wind — verb expel intestinal gases through the anus • Syn: ↑fart • Derivationally related forms: ↑fart (for: ↑fart), ↑farting (for: ↑fart) …   Useful english dictionary

  • break wind —    to belch or fart    Standard English of belching. The taboo about polite use of the word fart is, as these things go, fairly recent:     A man may break a word with you, sir, and words are but wind, Ay, and break it to your face, or he break… …   How not to say what you mean: A dictionary of euphemisms

  • break wind — verb To flatulate; fart; to expel gases generated during digestion through the anus. Syn: break ass, pass gas, cut the cheese, fart, flatulate …   Wiktionary

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  • break wind — to allow gas to escape from your bottom, especially loudly. At a wedding that I attended last summer, one of the guests broke wind very loudly during the groom s speech …   New idioms dictionary

  • To break wind — Break Break (br[=a]k), v. t. [imp. {broke} (br[=o]k), (Obs. {Brake}); p. p. {Broken} (br[=o] k n), (Obs. {Broke}); p. pr. & vb. n. {Breaking}.] [OE. breken, AS. brecan; akin to OS. brekan, D. breken, OHG. brehhan, G. brechen, Icel. braka to creak …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • break wind — phrasal to expel gas from the intestine …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • break wind — pass gas, emit gas from the anus, fart (Slang) …   English contemporary dictionary

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